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SPP #12 - When Customers cum in their pants during lap dances

Every dancer will have to experience their customer jizzing in their pants during a lap dance at some point. Some girls, at least once a day. I feel like this happens due to one or two of the following reasons:

1. The dancer is incredibly skilled at what she does - great for her :)

2. Customers grind dancers extra hard against their junk with the intention of ejaculating then and there

3. The customer is a bit of a “pre-me" if you catch my drift….

4. The customer wears pants that allow them to feel EVERYTHING (will elaborate in a upcoming blog post). 

It’s very awkward for a dancer to see your cum stains. It’s even MORE awkward to feel your cum stains. I can’t tell you how many girls this happens to on a weekly basis. That dancer will come into the dressing room talking about how he got jiz on her ass, on her thigh, and/or on her leg. Unless you’re club is relatively upscale and has a shower, dancers are limited on ways of getting cleaned up at the club. Without showers the most a girl can do to clean herself up is using quite a few baby wipes, hand soap, and maybe even some hand sanitizer. Either way, it’s a very time-consuming process, not too mention, WE JUST DON’T WANT YOUR LOAD ANYWHERE NEAR US. 

I once was giving a lap dance and I felt a cold sensation on my ass. The dance was pretty much over by the time I realized it. The customer had left a pretty big cum stain on my booty shorts and I was pissed! To make matters even worse, he acted like nothing had ever happened. I know a good portion of customers do this to avoid any awkward conversations or apologies with the dancers due to the situation and they’re probably embarrassed enough (or not at all). To those customers who aren’t, ya should be

All you need to know is that I’d rather not have to see or feel your “custom paint job.”  It’s uncomfortable for what I think would be both of us (for me, absolutely). I’d rather customers either tell me to slow down, not grind me as hard against their junk, or just not wear super sensitive pants. 

Just Pretty pretty please with sprinkles and whip cream on top - DO NOT GET YOUR FLUIDS ANYWHERE NEAR ME. 

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